4 Common Franchise Marketing Challenges & Their Solutions 

It’s no secret that simply operating a franchise requires a lot of resources, let alone marketing a franchise. Successful franchisors know that franchise marketing demands a skilled and knowledgeable team. Even then, there are still a variety of challenges that franchise owners and franchisors experience when marketing their businesses. In this article, we hope to propose strong franchise marketing solutions to the common challenges franchisees and franchisors face.

1. Weak marketing synergy between brands and their outlets

Maintaining a consistent dialogue between all stakeholders can be difficult given that a franchise system can be spread across a large geographic area. Whether the marketing efforts are done independently by the franchisees or collectively, there can be a lack of synergy between the driving forces behind the brand and its various locations. 

When a single entity is not steering the ship, inconsistencies arise. This means a weakened brand identity and reduced brand recognition. Plus, it could mean losses for the franchisor and franchisee. 

Solution: You likely already understand that you can strengthen brand synergy by relying on a single team to direct the entire network. What you might not know is that there are companies that can manage everything – from creative services to printed collateral, promotional products & apparel, franchisee web stores, and even warehousing and distribution. In addition to preventing breakdowns in marketing synergy, engaging a one-stop shop like this can cut costs, reduce workload, and improve brand identity.

2. Bandwidth limitations when scaling dealers’ and franchisees’ campaigns

Another challenge you might be facing as a franchisor is limited bandwidth to scale campaigns. Managing multiple locations means resources are spread thin. The result: a slow and tedious process to scale campaigns. While some brands are working on implementing automation and other tools, the adoption of this technology can be costly and time-consuming. Not to mention that not everyone has time to learn another piece of technology and adapt to the new process.

Solution: A more efficient option is to partner with an integrated marketing services company that can take charge of your advertising and handle large-scale campaigns across multiple regions. The right partner will be able to meet your needs, wherever and whenever – whether you need 600 of something or 60,000. The right operation will already have the procedures in place plus the technology and capacity to scale campaigns, produce products on demand, and get them where they need to be.

3. Creating and supplying unique, localized content and materials

One of the biggest challenges we hear about that franchisors encounter is sourcing and supplying the right products to each franchise location. No doubt it can be a real logistical nightmare to meet the unique needs of every location and its local market – be it regional language, pricing, or regulation differences.

Solution: If your vendor is struggling to fulfill the specific requirements of your franchisees, the solution is to work with a company that can handle complex product variability and support regional and local programs. Integrated marketing solutions providers, like Olivan, leverage technology, data, and proven processes to meet all of your franchisees’ needs. 

4. Achieving consistent brand messaging and aesthetics

If you find that it’s a constant challenge to keep your franchise locations’ signage and marketing materials consistent with the brand’s overall messaging, you’re not alone. It’s another common challenge that franchisors face. Similarly, if all your outlets have the exact same promos and messaging across every channel in every region, the marketing team is failing. There’s a balance between achieving consistent brand messaging and properly representing each specific location and its unique offerings. 

Solution: The solution is to find a partner that can manage your creative, adhering to the guidelines while still meeting the very specific needs of each store. Even better, choose a provider that has experience in franchise marketing solutions and distribution. This way, they’ll be entirely equipped to scale as needed to source, fulfill, and distribute your complex inventory.

The Solution to Your Franchise Marketing Challenges

Solving these common marketing challenges really comes down to working with the right partner. If you have the option, work with a one-stop-shop vendor, like Olivan. We’re an integrated marketing solutions provider with extensive experience helping franchises meet all their marketing needs. 

When you partner with us, we take care of everything from marketing management all the way through fulfillment and distribution – all in one place. We’re an all-in-one solution so you only have to communicate with one team. Our close working relationship means we also become experts on your brand. Ultimately, we help franchises get exactly what they need, where they need it, and when they need it. We reduce fragmentation, miscommunication, and misrepresentation of your brand. 

Let Olivan be your go-to vendor for all your franchise marketing needs and watch your brand grow.

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