Restaurant Marketing: Brand Management & Brand Consistency

Sales promotions, seasonal specialties, holiday events and more, mean updating and changing your restaurant menus and point-of-purchase collateral constantly to stay fresh and competitive. It takes a lot of time and resources to manage these moving parts. As a restaurant manager or marketing team, you probably feel like you’re being pulled in every direction aligning messaging, staying on brand, coordinating pricing and getting everything to your locations on time.  

Fortunately, there are integrated marketing solutions providers that manage all that for you. Here’s how Olivan helps restaurants streamline marketing efforts, maintain brand consistency, and lighten the workload.

Easy Marketing Solutions and Better Brand Management

Coordinating with different vendors for staff apparel, print collateral, graphic design, fulfillment, and distribution can be a headache. Not only is it a lot to manage, it makes maintaining brand consistency more difficult. Working with so many vendors stretches you too thin, making it more likely to make mistakes or miss quality assurance steps.

Alternatively, working with a single vendor reduces the potential for errors and miscalculations because you only have one team to communicate and collaborate with. Plus, when you work with a single vendor, they come to deeply understand your brand and its guidelines. They become experts on your brand and can represent it consistently and correctly every time.

One-Stop Shop 

Engaging a one-stop-shop marketing company makes your life easier. You can reduce your efforts and improve consistency by working with a single team for design, fulfillment, printing, warehousing, and distribution. That’s why working with a company like Olivan is ideal – one vendor to manage all of your marketing, fulfillment, and distribution needs. 

Plus, we have the capabilities to handle any level of complexity, including variable images and text for regional menu items, prices or photos. Need menus with variable pricing because you have locations across the country? No problem. We can handle it. 

You can breathe a sigh of relief, now.

Fulfillment According to Schedule

As a restaurant owner or manager, you also have competing demands for managing and onboarding staff. That means ordering uniforms, nametags, etc, at certain times. You’ll either already know this ebb and flow, or you’ll need to nail it down to improve operational efficiency. Regardless, good solutions providers work according to your schedule. 

For example, at Olivan, we can provide all your staff onboarding materials plus all your various marketing materials exactly when you need them. Our inventory management systems allow us to respond immediately and even anticipate your needs. Our technology, inventory control capabilities, and logistics systems enable us to ship what you need when you need it and where you need it. 

Plus, through data collection and analysis, a marketing and promotional schedule can be determined, making fulfillment and inventory management more efficient. This results in less waste and faster delivery for you. This also means you don’t have to worry about ordering your seasonal promotional material because it’ll be prepped and shipped by the time you need it.

Achieves Consistent Multimarket Messaging

If you’re a restaurant with multiple locations – or a franchisor – it can be a real challenge to maintain a cohesive and consistent message. You could engage multiple marketing agencies or outsource different areas to various third-party vendors. But this demands more of you as each vendor requires direction and communication. This increases the chances of miscommunication and costly mistakes.

A single vendor, on the other hand, becomes familiar with your brand and its messaging. Plus, they have developed the systems and procedures to achieve consistency from start to finish, from one location to the next. You can check out some of the results we’ve been able to get for other restaurants, including Kelsey’s.

That’s the power of an integrated marketing solutions company that takes care of everything from design to distribution and everything in between. And that’s the power of our proven systems and processes.

A Single Vendor Approach

Ultimately, you can keep your messaging consistent across all your markets by working with as few vendors as possible. This leaves little room for communication failure, inconsistency, and mixed messaging. Plus, pairing with the proper partner reduces your workload. Integrated solutions simplify your business and maximize efficiency since you only have ONE vendor to communicate with. It’s complete brand management all in one place.

When you work with an integrated marketing solutions provider like Olivan, you gain a business partner. We become invested in your business as we design, produce, store, and deliver your products. You communicate with one team and everything else is managed for you.  

Marketing and creative services all in one place.

Contact Olivan to enhance your brand consistency.