Design, Pack, Ship & Track.

We Make Kitting Simple

Our experienced kitting and fulfillment experts are able to complete every project regardless of size and specification – on brand and on budget!

Whether it’s a simple hand-assembled match mailing campaign or high-end packages with personalized components, our kitting crew can handle it.

Your Complete Kitting Solution

Co-packing & Light Assembly

Reduce your warehousing and logistical costs and the number of vendors you need to manage by working with Olivan. Our complete kitting and assembly solutions are simplified and streamlined to ease your stress. We put our years of experience and problem-solving into managing the entire kitting process.

Customized Components

Wherever you ship your products, whatever the purpose, whoever the audience, Olivan can customize, personalize and regionalize your packaging and content. We keep it all on brand, all of the time. Complex product variability? No problem. We can even fulfill one-to-one components with unique customizations. We’re ready for any request. 

Cost-Effective Quality

Our large-scale production allows us to offer cheaper – yet innovative – packaging for a better customer experience. It allows for scalability for kitting, end-to-end visibility into configurations and variability in products and packaging.

Real-time Tracking

Olivan brings everything together, wraps it up nicely and ships it out – tracking it every step of the way until it reaches the right destination. Enjoy total visibility into quality control and branding. Stay on top of your project in the warehouse and throughout the entire distribution process with real-time tracking and analytics. 

Kitting-Related Services

We’ll get your products assembled, packed, shipped and tracked – whatever the size, shape or scale. 

We do it all:

  • Kit Design, Branding, Printing & Production
  • Retail Display Assembly, Filling & Re-packaging 
  • Single or Multiple Order Pick & Pack
  • Canadian Conversions & Labelling 
  • Warehousing Inventory for On-Demand Distribution & Restocking
  • Sorting, Stuffing & Labelling 
  • Barcoding & Imprinting 
  • Customized Components – personalization, regionalized content etc.
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • And lots more! 

Reduce your warehousing, logistical costs, product customization complexity and the number of vendors to manage with Olivan. Our team removes the stress of managing the details when you trust the right provider.


Our kitting and assembly services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assemble kits for immediate distribution or into inventory for future distribution
  • Fulfill one-to-one components requiring unique personalization
  • Quickly pivot to determine when and what to kit, with regional configuration
  • Leverage digital libraries for images and copy with customized fulfillment

Choose a partner who can leverage proven workflows and provide solutions for your business. When you work with Olivan, you’re putting years of experience and problem-solving into your projects.

Our large-scale execution enables:

  • Regulatory compliance for the country and language-specific laws and regulations
  • Centralized vendor management to promote cost control
  • End-to-end visibility into product configurations, quality control and branding
  • Avoidance of expensive, difficult-to-acquire and specialty items that could delay the kitting and shipping process
  • Scalability for kitting and launches
  • Innovative and cost-effective packaging for a better customer experience as well as a promotion of brand awareness and consistency
  • Complex variations in products and packaging

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Creative Services

Modern technology, an unwavering commitment to staying on strategy, plus old-fashioned imagination are our secrets to designing creative that delivers results.

Print Production

Get your printing done on time and on budget. Every time! We provide a turnkey solution and ensure the best quality, price and turnaround.


Accuracy is never an idle promise at Olivan. We live it, measure it and continually refine it, so your customers are continually satisfied.

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