Franchise Marketing Portals

Franchise Marketing Portals to Streamline Communication & Brand Consistency

How can a franchisor with dozens or hundreds of franchisees present the franchise brand consistently?

With a custom Franchise Marketing Platform!

Olivan has a proven track record of supporting corporate locations and franchisees throughout North America with custom marketing portals. We’ve helped major brands such as Jiffy Lube, Dominos, Recipe Unlimited (Cara Foods) and many others. If you need a marketing portal for your franchise or business, contact Olivan.

A Custom Franchise Marketing Portal to Access & Order All Branded Materials & Assets

Through a custom marketing portal, all communications and supplies can be ordered directly to the franchisee. Everything from point of purchase material, signage, stationery, flyers, corporate clothing or promotional products – all in one place. Anything that may be printed with the franchise’s logo, it’s there in your marketing portal. It also holds all digital materials, which are downloadable and publishable. This includes material on product range, pricing and communications.

We are talking about an automated online solution for all kinds of communication materials. Each franchisee orders in a user-friendly web-store environment at their convenience, whenever they need something.

What Is a Franchise Marketing Portal?

A franchise marketing portal is like an online storefront that contains all of your branded materials, assets, and supplies, including promotional products. Super convenient, these online storefronts enable franchise owners and their team of franchisees to access and order whatever they need to run their franchise. This may include:

Direct Mail Materials

Such as postcards, catalogues, envelopes, letterhead, etc.

Printed Materials

Such as posters, brochures, menus, door hangers, menus, etc.

Promotional Products

Such as backlit signs, menu boards, A-frames, etc.

Branded Merchandise

Such as promotional products, apparel, awards, etc.

Digital Assets

Such as logos, digital catalogues, mailing lists, ad designs, etc.

Franchise marketing portals are also referred to as “brand portals,” “web-to-print portals,” and “ordering portals”. With all your branded assets in one place, business runs smoothly. Every location can order whatever they need, whenever they need it. This streamlines orders and makes it easier for franchises to represent the brand consistently.

Within marketing portals, franchisors and franchisees can customize designs, contact info for business cards, website URLs for print marketing materials, images on brochures, or addresses on envelopes. And they can do so without compromising the brand or straying from style guidelines.

How it Works

When you have a marketing portal for your franchise, here’s what it would look like when supplies are required:

  1. Login to the web portal. 
  2. Find the required items.
  3. Select the quantity.
  4. Place the order with a click.
  5. Receive your materials.

It doesn’t get easier than this. 

Your Full-Service Integrated Marketing Solution

Olivan is your full-service integrated marketing service provider– we handle everything from the setup of the marketing portal to creative services, promotion management, warehousing, distribution and more. If you need marketing materials, promotional products, or print services we are your one-stop shop for design, production and distribution.

The Benefits of Franchise Marketing Portal

The Benefits of Franchise Marketing Portal

Improve your marketing strategy.

A franchise marketing portal allows your marketing team to spend more time on marketing your business. Rather than running around getting quotes, approving proofs, and checking branding compliance, your team can focus on the next marketing campaign. The supplier of your portal will not only upload new artwork and manage the entire system for you, they can even handle the creative end. This frees up even more of your company’s resources.

Decrease your overhead.

Buying in bulk might work for some companies. However, the ability to order small quantities as needed can save franchises a lot of money. When you order materials in large quantities, you have to have somewhere to store them – and that adds to your overhead. Then, the supplies need to be individually wrapped, packaged, and distributed to each location. More overhead. A web-to-print system, or marketing portal, provides a more cost-effective alternative.

Better franchisee support.

Not only is it super easy for franchisees to order what they need, but it’s also easy for them to stay on brand. It’s too much to send franchise brand guidelines, design assets and templates and leave it to them to figure it out and remain compliant. A marketing portal lets them focus on running the business and ensures your brand is always on point. An online storefront like this supports your franchisees and prevents them from being overwhelmed.

A more consistent brand.

With a marketing portal, your message and branding are consistent. Only users who have access can place orders through the platform. Plus, design templates and branded materials are pre-approved by corporate to align with brand guidelines. That means that every franchise, from coast to coast, has the exact same materials, so your branding will be consistent across the franchise.

Scales with your franchise.

Don’t worry about maintaining brand compliance and consistent messaging as your locations increase and business expands. Franchise marketing platforms gro with your business. Since they’re an online interface, all franchises can access it from anywhere, and it’s easy to make changes to products, designs, and branding.

Reduces waste.

Print on demand features within marketing portals operate on an on-demand basis. Therefore, franchisees can order what they need in whatever quantity on demand. It means that they don’t need to make large orders that may result in waste.

Increased efficiency.

Marketing portals are accessible 24/7 and orders can be placed anytime. This means that regardless of time zone, orders can be placed whenever something is needed. All you need to order is an internet connection. Ultimately, these portals improve efficiency. It takes only seconds and a click of a button to do what used to take a lot of time.