Volunteer Appreciation Gift Ideas

National Volunteer Week is coming up (April 16-22, 2023). Are you prepared to show your volunteers how much you appreciate them and everything they do? If you’re like most organizations that rely on volunteers, you take this time to shine the spotlight on these people and shower them with gifts and goodies. As someone who’s been on both the giving and receiving side of volunteer appreciation gifts, I can say they’re meaningful. 

Whether it’s a branded hoodie or hat, or a personalized tote bag or water bottle, there are so many options when it comes to volunteer appreciation gifts. That’s why we put together this list of some of the best volunteer gifts for appreciation.

Awards, Pins & Plaques

Many organizations like to present certificates along with awards or plaques to commemorate the years of service a volunteer has committed. They’re such a great way to honour a volunteer and highlight the significance of their help and dedication. Pins and medals are another way to complement a certificate of recognition or appreciation.

Themed Gifts

If your organization is fond of hosting themed appreciation events, why not hand out gifts that match that theme? Olivan has such a variety of products to choose from and you can even have your appreciation gift customized to suit the theme of your event. 

Here are some themes and matching gift ideas for inspiration:

  • An essential piece” – The decor and gift are all about pieces of a puzzle and how each volunteer is an essential piece required to complete that puzzle.
  • Thanks for your thyme” – The decor and gift focus on thanking volunteers for their “thyme”. 
  • Our volunteers have it in the bag” – Think gourmet sack lunches and give a branded or customized tote bag as a gift.

Sustainable Gifts

Perhaps, instead of focusing on a theme, you want to focus on sustainability. If you’re an organization that’s looking to become greener and take actions that are more eco-conscious, consider giving sustainable volunteer appreciation gifts this year. For Olivan, sustainability is a priority. That’s why we offer a variety of sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Some of the sustainable appreciation gifts we love are: 

Appreciation Through Self-Care

volunteer appreciation

One of our favourite ideas to show your volunteers how much you care about and appreciate them is by giving gifts that promote self-care. Whether you host an appreciation event or not, consider giving your volunteers self-care gifts. 

A few of our favourite gifts for self-care include:

Branded Appreciation Gifts

Whether you opt for branded or non-branded appreciation gifts, these are just some ideas to help make your volunteer appreciation week a success. If you’re a larger organization looking to simplify and speed up the whole process of selecting and ordering promotional products and branded gifts, Olivan can help. We build and manage web portals to make it easy for companies to click and order promotional products, appreciation gifts, print marketing and other supplies. 

That’s right. You can get everything in one place with the click of your mouse

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