Trade Show Marketing Tips

Trade shows have been a critical component of marketing strategies for a long time, but in this digital era, they’re more than just an opportunity to generate leads. Trade shows provide an opportunity to increase brand exposure, analyse the competition and engage directly with your audience. So, they’re still a relevant and useful method of marketing and promoting your business. 

Considering the fact that 82% of trade show attendees have buying authority, and with the B2B trade show market expected to grow in the coming years, it’s clear that trade shows are a valuable marketing avenue. Take a look at our trade show marketing tips to get the most out of your upcoming events.

Optimise Your Trade Show Booth

In this increasingly digital world, you might think that you can forego the traditional marketing materials at this year’s events. However, the reality is that you need both digital and print marketing material to truly capture your audience. Combining the two can take your trade show booth to the next level. And don’t forget the giveaways! 

Here are some key considerations for your next trade show, including useful and necessary marketing materials for your booth:

1. Booths & Displays

It’s hard to imagine the wide range of trade show booths and graphics available today. With the advent of dye-sublimated fabric panels, booths are lighter and easier to set up than ever. So, there’s no excuse not to have an outstanding display. Plus, you’ll need something that’s engaging and eye-catching to really pull people in.

There are vinyl pull-up banners for every size and budget requirement. You can choose from grandiose 10’ x  20’  booths to simple backwalls and more. And never underestimate the power of adding lighting, flat screens, literature holders and furniture to your space. Olivan can help you completely customize your trade show booth with our trade show solutions. Plus, use our guide of insider trade show tips to improve your ROI on your events.

2. Print Collateral 

You need to be able to give visitors and potential customers the vital information they need, and brochures, business cards and catalogues are the perfect way to do this. After you speak with someone at your booth, hand them a brochure that summarises your business. Using different design techniques, you can use brochures to highlight key selling points, tell your brand’s history and provide helpful product information.

3. Swag 

Branded promotional products and apparel are always relevant and well-received. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Use this to your advantage. But, don’t just give away bags of useless things. Design beautiful, branded items that are useful, like key chains, pens, magnets and other promotional products.

Why Do You Need Trade Show Marketing Materials?

Handing a branded promotional product or apparel item to a prospect provides a reason to engage with them along with the following


  • Helps prospects remember your brand
  • Increases booth traffic
  • Improves your brand’s image  

Ultimately, prospects are more likely to remember your brand and think of it fondly after receiving free giveaways. In fact, 76.3% of trade show attendees that received a giveaway said they had a more favourable attitude towards the company that gave it to them, according to a Georgia Southern University study. 

Get Ready and Get Creative for Your Next Trade Show

The best way to attract attention at a trade show is to stand out with noticeable displays, powerful branding and engaging marketing materials. There are so many possibilities! That’s why it’s wise to consult professionals, like Olivan. We don’t just print and ship your marketing materials, we work with you to get your message right. We’ve been supporting clients’ trade show efforts for years, so we know exactly what’s involved. 

If you’re planning your next trade show, partner with Olivan and make the most of your event.

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